The management guru that time forgot

TQM - White Word on Red Puzzles.

The effort to help Japan rebuild after World War II included sending leading American management guru, W. Edwards Deming, to embed his Total Quality Management (TQM) ethic into that country’s manufacturing industries. Perhaps if Detroit’s Big 3 had simultaneously embraced Deming, we would see more Chevys and fewer Toyotas on our highways today.

TQM is based upon the idea that the performance of workers is dependent upon the system within which they work. Deming believed that managers apply all the wrong Continue reading “The management guru that time forgot”


How can I help?

turnaroundI’m a fan of a CNBC reality show called ‘The Profit’. In each episode, wealthy entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis reviews, invests in, and turns around a small business.

Lemonis succeeds because he has incredible retail instincts – he knows what people will buy, how to merchandise it, and how to operate a business efficiently – and because he has terrific leadership skills.

In the last episode, he bought a 50% interest in a small business for $200,000. But, he was Continue reading “How can I help?”

The Governor’s Budget vs. the Free Market

jeffersonquoteIn the tug of war between the welfare state and free market capitalism, New York’s recently passed budget represents a setback for the free market. Wrapped around the promise of free college tuition for the middle class, the budget adds a new entitlement to an already overtaxed economy. Programs like free tuition, family leave and minimum wage increases all add to the cost of doing business in New York, a state that has relied on Wall Street employment to bolster job growth and tax revenue as the upstate economy flounders.

The governor seems to be unaware of the connection between his policies and a Continue reading “The Governor’s Budget vs. the Free Market”

Of Evil CEO’s and the TV Interview

I’ve been working to promote The Reluctant CEO. A half dozen book signings, all local, complemented by social media advertising have had the desired effect. Still, there’s a way to go to achieve the sales goal.

Finally, a breakthrough!

My publicist arranged an interview on a local morning show, Good Day Rochester. It was set for Wednesday, December 21.

fox-interview-picThen came the preparation. He sent a few probable questions my way. I sent my draft responses. He made suggestions and so on.

We correctly anticipated most of the questions. Here’s one:

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Is it all about you or all about them?

centerofuniverseI played on the worst high school football team in our division. Maybe in the entire state of New York. During our senior year, with a record of 1-4, we piled onto a bus heading to an away game. Before we exited the bus, our coach gave us a pep talk.

He told us his family was visiting from out of town. He admonished us not to embarrass him.

We lost 50-0.

We had done all the right things in practice — the Continue reading “Is it all about you or all about them?”

Fan mail to The Reluctant CEO

The Reluctant CEO is available on and iBooks

I’ve received a few messages from readers since setting up a Facebook page to promote my book. Some are just plain obnoxious. But, many others are inquisitive.

Here’s one I got from a young woman in the Philippines. (English is her second language.)

Abby:  Hi Sir, I have been checking few of your great posting in this group. I found it really amazed me. I am Abby and have been thinking to start my own little business. And there’s always something that doubt me.

I’m just trying to sell books. This isn’t an advice column for aspiring CEO’s. Nevertheless, I put myself out there as something of an expert and I coach CEO’s for a living. So…

Me:  How can I help?

Abby:  Well, it was about how should I started it while I have no confident in making it.

Wow! Where should I begin? Continue reading “Fan mail to The Reluctant CEO”