The Governor’s Budget vs. the Free Market

jeffersonquoteIn the tug of war between the welfare state and free market capitalism, New York’s recently passed budget represents a setback for the free market. Wrapped around the promise of free college tuition for the middle class, the budget adds a new entitlement to an already overtaxed economy. Programs like free tuition, family leave and minimum wage increases all add to the cost of doing business in New York, a state that has relied on Wall Street employment to bolster job growth and tax revenue as the upstate economy flounders.

The governor seems to be unaware of the connection between his policies and a Continue reading “The Governor’s Budget vs. the Free Market”

Your college degree: choose wisely

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Among my favorite radio talk shows is Connections, hosted by Evan Dawson. I am an occasional caller to the show for reasons I can’t identify… hubris, celebrity worship, my 15 minutes of fame… I don’t know.

A recent show featured a discussion about the prospective government support of college tuitions. It’s a highly politicized topic; however, one of the reasons I like Connections is that Dawson somehow Continue reading “Your college degree: choose wisely”