Who can you trust? (Or, is it whom?)

shutterstock_250176199Last week, my friend Jack Altschuler asked me to weigh in on an interesting topic. As an entrepreneur, Jack attended a class on the Theory of Constraints (TOC). He learned the lessons well, applying the theory to his own business with great results. He now asks how TOC applies to our nation and what I think are the “undesirable effects of what is going on right now – what needs fixing.” I should mention that Jack, now retired from his business, writes a political blog expressing some far-left ideas about our national politics. Recognizing that my politics are “somewhat to the right” of him, he seeks to broaden his perspective.

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When to disagree with the boss


If your boss is a narcissistic tyrant, read no further. Go directly to Monster.com and find a new job. Do not pass Go; do not collect $200.

The rest of you should read on.

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Of Evil CEO’s and the TV Interview

I’ve been working to promote The Reluctant CEO. A half dozen book signings, all local, complemented by social media advertising have had the desired effect. Still, there’s a way to go to achieve the sales goal.

Finally, a breakthrough!

My publicist arranged an interview on a local morning show, Good Day Rochester. It was set for Wednesday, December 21.

fox-interview-picThen came the preparation. He sent a few probable questions my way. I sent my draft responses. He made suggestions and so on.

We correctly anticipated most of the questions. Here’s one:

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