Do you hate writing that end of year holiday letter?


You know the one I mean: a one-page summary of the year you’ve had. No one wants to talk about bad news. But, no one wants to be dishonest. Yet, there’s always someone who writes about their fabulous vacation, their terrific career and their youngest making the honor roll while the eldest is off to Harvard.

Who wants to compete with that?

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Who can you trust?


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Trust has taken a beating in my lifetime. From the Watergate affair to the recent financial crisis, from Enron to Lehman Brothers, we have been failed by government and business institutions and lost our faith in them.

In light of these multiple failures, how do we function as a society?

In my book, the protagonist – CEO of a global corporation – develops a corporate culture based on trust. Espousing a communitarian ideal, he advocates that each of his employees from senior management down the front lines, think of how their actions affect the communities in which they live – their neighbors, their employees and their families.

Here’s how he puts it to the business press:

“Would you want your children to drink water that’s been polluted by the chemical plant you manage? Would you like members of your family to be treated shabbily by their employers? How can a corporate leader expect a company to thrive if the people in his or her community aren’t thriving?”

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