Deciphering the triggers: It turns out there’s a “code”

4m4jdmqq_400x400My last post (Your opportunity to be treated as badly as the men) struck a chord with more than a few women. The responses were mostly positive. The last line quoting John Wayne’s advice to Barbara Walters – “Don’t let the bastards get you down” – got this response from a former military officer and graduate of the Naval Postgraduate School:

Excellent take! In 21 years of active duty, my sole focus was on accomplishing the unit’s mission. Gender was the last thing on my mind at any given time. I never had any of these issues that the media seems so fond of focusing on.

An old friend simply said, “Go, John!” adding a few thumbs up emojis for emphasis.

It wasn’t all good news, however. One respondent agreed that my “point about women Continue reading “Deciphering the triggers: It turns out there’s a “code””


Your opportunity to be treated as badly as the men

8197322I attended a lunch to honor our nation’s veterans last week. A beautiful lady – a generation or so past her prime but still beautiful – pinned a red carnation on my lapel and thanked me for my service. It was a nice gesture.

The luncheon featured a panel discussion. Three impressive, successful female veterans sat behind a long table and told us of their experiences in the military. Had I been the moderator, I might have kicked off the discussion by asking how their military experience prepared them to succeed in civilian life. Continue reading “Your opportunity to be treated as badly as the men”