Head vs. Gut: how to decide

brain_vs_heart-1920x10801Years ago, a friend told me he always makes decisions from his gut — but, only after his head tried to talk him out of it. I always thought there was great wisdom in that approach.

Now we know that everyone makes decisions from his or her gut. Only the wiser among us pause to let our heads try to talk us out of it. More often, we use analysis and discussion to rationalize a decision we’ve already made from our gut.

Working with many CEO’s over the last 15 years, I have learned that most decisions are Continue reading “Head vs. Gut: how to decide”


Is it all about you or all about them?

centerofuniverseI played on the worst high school football team in our division. Maybe in the entire state of New York. During our senior year, with a record of 1-4, we piled onto a bus heading to an away game. Before we exited the bus, our coach gave us a pep talk.

He told us his family was visiting from out of town. He admonished us not to embarrass him.

We lost 50-0.

We had done all the right things in practice — the Continue reading “Is it all about you or all about them?”