Your college degree: choose wisely

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Among my favorite radio talk shows is Connections, hosted by Evan Dawson. I am an occasional caller to the show for reasons I can’t identify… hubris, celebrity worship, my 15 minutes of fame… I don’t know.

A recent show featured a discussion about the prospective government support of college tuitions. It’s a highly politicized topic; however, one of the reasons I like Connections is that Dawson somehow Continue reading “Your college degree: choose wisely”


Fan mail to The Reluctant CEO

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I’ve received a few messages from readers since setting up a Facebook page to promote my book. Some are just plain obnoxious. But, many others are inquisitive.

Here’s one I got from a young woman in the Philippines. (English is her second language.)

Abby:  Hi Sir, I have been checking few of your great posting in this group. I found it really amazed me. I am Abby and have been thinking to start my own little business. And there’s always something that doubt me.

I’m just trying to sell books. This isn’t an advice column for aspiring CEO’s. Nevertheless, I put myself out there as something of an expert and I coach CEO’s for a living. So…

Me:  How can I help?

Abby:  Well, it was about how should I started it while I have no confident in making it.

Wow! Where should I begin? Continue reading “Fan mail to The Reluctant CEO”

Turn yourself inside out: values-based leadership beats financial incentives


Much of our lives are governed by the drive to attain credentials. We measure our kids by their grades, success at sports and SAT scores.   We measure ourselves by an endless stream of degrees, titles, certifications and awards all of which are beautifully presented on our LinkedIn profiles.

Is that how you value yourself?  C’mon…  really?

Life isn’t about how we’re graded; it’s about who we are.  And, who we are is very complicated.  While our analytical mind expresses logic and reason, our emotions assign Continue reading “Turn yourself inside out: values-based leadership beats financial incentives”