Leadership and the Space Between the Notes


French composer Claude Debussy famously said “music is the space between the notes”. It’s the pause between musical phrases that causes a cessation of extraneous thought and fills us with anticipation for the next one.

What if we thought of our lives as musical compositions? Would it be important to fill every moment with activity? Or, should we focus on the space between the notes?

In our busy lives, we usually start our day diving into our email. It’s tempting to spend a Continue reading “Leadership and the Space Between the Notes”


Leaders don’t play the blame game

If you’re the boss, you must the leader, right?images

Not necessarily.

In many organizations, the blame game is part of the culture. Oh, it’s not written down in the “Culture Code” the CEO paid big bucks to a consultant to pull together. But it’s part of the culture.

Here’s how it happens. Some crisis, large or small, necessitates the boss getting the team Continue reading “Leaders don’t play the blame game”